My name is Joel Addison, and I come from Brisbane, Qld, Australia.

I have a strong interest in technology, and always strive to keep up to date with the latest trends. I have experience with a wide variety of languages and platforms, and am always looking to learn new things. On the web development side, I have done extensive work with JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 to develop new tools. I have also worked with Drupal on several projects, including creating themes and modules. I also enjoy working in systems programming, using C, Python and other Unix tools.

One of my passions is open source software, and I enjoy getting involved whereever I can. This includes volunteering at conferences such as Linux.Conf.Au and Pycon Australia since 2014. I am also currently the Treasurer of HUMBUG.

I have been involved with the Ubuntu project in various forms since 2006. I am an active member of the Ubuntu Australian Team, having been a meeting chair and Team Admin. In 2012, I was awarded Ubuntu Membership for my work on the Ubuntu-AU team and translations.

Through being an AV volunteer at a few conferences, I have become involved in developing a new recording system for talks. A new encoding system was developed for Pycon Australia 2015 in order to get the videos ready by the end of the conference. After that more planning has been done to refresh the entire stack that is used, with the aim of simplifying the setup and use of the software as well as removing dependencies on retired operating systems and libraries. Another core goal is to have extensive documentation for the entire system, from the code itself through to training someone to be an AV volunteer at a conference. 

Formally I am a Software Engineer, having completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Software Systems and Aerospace) at The University of Queensland, graduating in 2014 with first class honours.